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Val ITTM –  Framework for Business Technology Management.
Val IT is a governance framework addressing the governance of IT-enabled business investments. Val IT consists of a set of guiding principles and a number of processes conforming to those principles that are further defined as a set of key management practices.


Val IT is owned by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). ISACA is an independent, nonprofit, global association that engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. ISACA owns the COBIT, ValIT and Risk IT governance frameworks and the CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC certifications are ISACA brands.

Brief history and description
The Val IT framework is supported by publications and operational tools and provides guidance to:

Define the relationship between IT and the business and those functions in the organization with governance responsibilities;
Manage an organization’s portfolio of IT-enabled business investments;
Maximize the quality of business cases for IT-enabled business investments with particular emphasis on the definition of key financial indicators, the quantification of “soft” benefits and the comprehensive appraisal of the downside risk
Val IT is founded on seven principles: (source: ISACA.org)

IT-enabled investments will:

  • Be managed as a portfolio of investments
  • Include the full scope of activities required to achieve business value
  • Be managed through their full economic life cycle
  • Recognize different categories of investments to be evaluated and managed differently
  • Define and monitor key metrics and respond quickly to any changes or deviations
  • Engage all stakeholders and assign appropriate accountability for delivery of capabilities and realization of business benefits
  • Be continually monitored, evaluated and improved
  • Val IT covers three main process areas:
  • Value Governance (VG)
  • Portfolio Management (PM)
  • Investment Management (IM)

Val IT process areas (source: ISACA.org)

Val IT is tightly integrated with COBIT Version 4, also from ISACA. The Framework document explains the difference between COBIT and Val IT as follows:

Val IT extends and complements COBIT, which provides a comprehensive control framework for IT governance. Specifically, Val IT focuses on the investment decision (are we doing the right things?) and the realisation of benefits (are we getting the benefits?), while COBIT focuses on the execution (are we doing them the right way, and are we getting them done well?)”
COBIT Version 5.0 was released in April 2012, to bring together ISACA frameworks COBIT 4.1, Val IT 2.0 and Risk IT.

Target Audience
Board members and executive management responsible for the governance of enterprise value-delivery processes and activities, managers and process roles with delegated responsibilities for these governance areas.

User communities and groups
ISACA runs a membership scheme for IT Professionals, Students and Educators which they advertise as follows: “With 95,000 constituents in 160 countries, ISACA is internationally recognized as a high-performing organization that addresses global, national and local information systems and business issues.”
Member benefits include certifications, research publications and an active worldwide community of IT and business professionals.

Official publisher
The official publisher of Val IT is ISACA
Val IT consists of the following publications:

  • Val IT Framework 2.0
  • Value Management Guidance for Assurance Professionals: UsingVal ITTM 2.0
  • Val IT Getting Started with Value Management
  • The Business Case Guide: Using Val IT™ 2.0

The Val ITTM framework can be downloaded by ISACA members for free.

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