Title / definition
The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management certification scheme (IACCM).

Certification scheme

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM).

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management provides executives and practitioners with advisory, research and benchmarking services, and worldwide training and certification.

Brief history and description
The backbone of the IACCM certification scheme is formed by the IACCM Capability Maturity Model.

The IACCM Capability Maturity Model was developed by a cross-industry, international team of practitioners and experts, who used 6-Sigma experience and techniques in the underlying design. The model identifies the characteristics defining world class performance, and provides the capability to assess the status of commercial contracting functions.


IACCM Capability Maturity Model (source: IACCM)


Target Audience

Contracts, commercial and relationship management professionals.

User communities and groups
IACCM runs a membership program. There are three types of membership: Corporate, Vendor and Individual.

Official publisher
The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management in cooperation with Van Haren Publishing. The IACCM Library contains an extensive collection of articles, reports, templates, audio and video that cover all aspects of commercial, relationship and contract management. Members can access the full range of materials.

Accreditations and qualifications
IACCM provides the following different types of training and certification:

  • IACCM Certification: Contract Management (CBoK) Certification (four types) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Certification (two types).
  • Skills Assessment: identifies skill gaps and measures an individual’s performance against an external benchmark of skill levels.

The following programs are offered:

  • Individual / small team learning programs
  • Corporate / group learning programs
  • eLearning Curriculum
  • Accredited Training Partners
  • On-site Training



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