Title / definition
Management of Value (MoV)

MoV® is owned by the UK government department: UK Cabinet Office previously Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

Brief history and description
MoV is set of guidance that includes both a practitioner guide and a pocket book. The aim of MoV is to help maximize value in line with program and project objectives. Key stakeholder requirements play an important role in the MoV approach. The underlying key principle is that of balancing variables to maximize value.
The MoV core guide is structured around four integrated concepts:

  • Principles
  • Processes and techniques (methods and tools)
  • Approach
  • Environment (coping with external and internal influences)

MoV differs from other approaches in that it focuses on function rather than products. MoV is applicable to operational activities as well as programs and projects.

The seven MoV principles are:

  1. Align with organizational objectives;
  2. Focus on functions and required outcomes;
  3. Balance the variables to maximize value;
  4. Apply throughout the investment decision;
  5. Tailor to suit the subject;
  6. Learn from experience and improve;
  7. Assign clear roles and responsibilities and build a supportive culture;

MoV is delivered through the following seven groups of processes:

  1. Frame the program or project
  2. Gather information
  3. Analyze information
  4. Process information
  5. Evaluate and select
  6. Develop value-improving proposals
  7. Implement and share outputs

The Cabinet Office Best Management Practice Portfolio (source: the Cabinet Office)


Target Audience
Senior Management who may be concerned with introducing MoV to apply to portfolios programs, projects or operations, or to supplement other management methods to deliver strategy.
User communities and groups

Official publisher
The core MoV guides are published by the Stationary Office (TSO). There is also an endorsement scheme for complementary third party publications.

Accreditations and qualifications
The APM Group Ltd (APMG) accredit training organizations and training materials that conform to certain technical and management standards, which have been carefully developed and agreed by the independent Examination Board. Within these Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs), only Approved Trainers can deliver the accredited courses in MoV.

The MoV Qualification Scheme is developed by the APM Group Ltd in partnership with the Cabinet Office and The Stationery Office (TSO). There are two MoV qualifications – Foundation level and Practitioner level.



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